Espalier and Other Fruit Tree Magic

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West Coast Fruit Tree Magic

a fusion of Science and Art that Appears to be Magic

living fruiting art


Ancient and modern fruit tree training techniques combined with modern science perfect for small and large West Coast gardens

Fruit Trees on the West Coast

With a bit of Magic a wide variety of temperate and sub tropical fruit trees will grow and produce fruit on the Wet West Coast of British Columbia

The world of fruit tree gardening has come a long way from the big trees of the past

The trend to espalier and other small tree forms is a key technique in the battle to produce insect and disease free organic.

Think small and organic

More fruit Tree Magic

apple, espalier, UBC

How to increase fruit production 

Insect problems


Disease problems

The science of pollination

Fruit Maturity and Harvest


Home Orchards

There thousands of Home Orchards on the west coast of British Columbia from one tree in a pot on the balcony to several hundred trees of many types in a very large garden. there are also many demonstration orchards in parks, community and botanical gardens.

Commercial orchards

There is more than 150 years of historical commercial tree fruit production on the West Coast, experience we can learn from. The latest wave of commercial planting is for Cider and Perry production. Next may be high tunnels.