Recent and Future Activites

Hi to all,

Over the last few months I have not been posting to this blog for a number of reasons, I am now back to posting on a regular basis. Last Saturday I taught a Summer Pruning Workshop at VanDusen Botanical Gardens and last night an apple and pear summer pruning workshop at the Langley Demonstration Gardens for Langley Environmental Partners. The presentations and handouts for these two events will be posted shortly along with my workshop schedule in the Vancouver/Fraser Valley area for the fall of 2014. And, I am going to start blogging regularly about the insect and disease problems that I am being asked about. Over the last year my focus has been on all types of trees, that focus in now narrowing to temperate tree fruits, my favorite topic. Please leave comments or questions here and I will answer as promptly as I can. And come back often for new information and to see what other are interested in.

Richard Hallman

Tree Fruit Horticulturist and Arborist