The University of British Columbia Espalier Fruit Tree Collection

The term espalier originally meant a two dimensional tree trained flat against a wall. The term has changed in most countries around the world to include a wide range of two and three dimensional forms. Espalier training of fruit trees fascinates me. My backyard is full of fruit trees and bush fruits trained to grow in a wide range of patterns. Recently I started working with the University of British Columbia Botanical Garden to

UBC Espalier Apple Trees

UBC Espalier Apple Trees

rebuild their espalier fruit tree collection. At one time this collection was world class, recently canker infected apple trees resulted in many tree being removed. Plans are developing to rebuild this collection with trees that are suitable for our West Coast (NA) climate and can be espaliered. Follow my posts over the next few months to follow the redevelopment of the collection back to amazing. UBC Apple Trees in summer.

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