Espalier Fruit Trees – Forms

UBC Espalier Apple

UBC Espalier Apple Summer

The classic espalier form is the Horizontal Espalier (also call the T-Espalier or Horizontal Palmette or Cordon Ferraguti). Many people I have met think this is what “Espalier” means. This is not the easiest espalier form to create, especially if you are looking for perfect geometric form with each set of horizontal branches being attached exactly opposite each other. Temperate fruit trees do not

Horizontal Espalier UBC Botanical Garden winter

Horizontal Espalier UBC Botanical Garden winter

have buds growing opposite one another, the skill of the espalierist is demonstrated by how close to directly opposite these branches are. Pears and apples are most commonly grown in this form. Plums, cherries, apricots and many other trees can be growing as Horizontal Espaliers. This tree is in the UBC Botanical Garden.

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