EPIC Sustainable Living Festival

EPIC Vancouver: July 6 & 7, 2013

Richard Hallman1sSaturday July 6 (1:30pm) and
Sunday July 7 (3:00pm)
Do you have trees that need some attention? Join Richard Hallman as he demonstrates how to direct the growth of your trees and shrubs so they look and grow the way you want them to. You will learn how to improve their beauty, resilience and health as well as their ability to produce flowers and fruit.Richard is an expert tree and shrub pruner who developed his passion for pruning while growing up on an orchard in the Okanagan Valley. Since 1979 he has taught gardeners, orchardists and agroforesters across the Pacific Northwest the techniques of pruning and training. He has a horticulture degree from the University of British Columbia, is a Licensed Professional Horticulturist, an Arborist and a Master Gardener. Richard is currently engaged in coaching gardeners one at a time or in small groups how to prune their own trees and shrubs. He also provides online pruning mentoring and advises on ways to renew heritage fruit trees.

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