Summer Grafting

Fruit tree grafting in  temperate climates can be done from mid winter through to the early fall. I grew up on a small commercial orchard and learned to T-Bud when I was 10 years old, so Summer T-Budding has always been a favorite of mine. During the 1970’s and 1980’s Chip budding started being used and now it is the most common type of summer grafting. Chip budding is basically miniature (single bud) grafting. Chip budding works from the dormant season through spring and summer and into early fall.

Completed T-Bud
Completed T-Bud
Completed Chip Bud
Completed Chip Bud

There are several other types of summer grafting including

approach grafting, side grafting and in-arch grafting.

During the last three weeks I instructed 5 summer grafting workshop and the interest has been significantly higher than in previous years. I do not have any further summer grafting workshops planned for this year, I do do private Fruit Tree Grafting sessions on demand. Contact me for a quote.

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Richard Hallman, P.Ag

UBC Botanical Garden Pomologist in Residence

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